Little Book of Dating: tip 2

I shall continue with my review of the book, The Worst-Case Scenario: Little Book for Dating.

Pick up lines to avoid

First of all, why should one use pick up lines? I think an honest, confident approach is better.

Hey I lost my number, can I have yours? page 67.

Are you okay? That must have been a long fall from heaven. page 67.

Both of those lines are funny and lame.

On a related issue, I received an email today from a woman that contacted me through a Christian website. For the sake of some context I will add that she lives many thousands of miles away on another continent! She asked what I thought about free sex. I stated something along the lines of the following.

I suppose if I really believed in free sex I would spent my Friday and Saturday nights in Downtown Vancouver at clubs until I found an attractive young woman to ask me home. That would be physically pleasurable, but by God's guidance I place spirituality, and intellect above sexuality in romantic relationships, although mutual attraction is important.

I don't believe in free sex, but I realize in our free society people have the right to indulge in it. My thinking is that free sex is contrary to a spiritual, intellectual, and committed marriage relationship, and is therefore largely empty and a waste of time. Free sex is also not a Biblical concept as can be seen from studying Scripture.

J.T. Mueller notes that in Scripture 'adultery' is any voluntary cohabitation of a married person with any other person other than a lawful spouse. The Bible in places also designates this as 'fornication' as in 1 Corinthians 5:1. Mueller (1996: 15).

MUELLER, J.T. (1996) ‘Adultery', in Walter A. Elwell (ed.), Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Grand Rapids, Baker Books.

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