Short comments on a finite God

An aerial view of Dublin, Ireland. I have done the bus tour of the city and I would highly recommend it. It seemed like a very clean and historical city. I wish they had an English Premier League club there in order to have another reason to visit.

I am very busy with PhD revisions, but I appreciate the comments for a break.

Short comments on a finite God, based on my current twenty plus PhD pages of reviewing mainly non-traditional views on the omnipotence of God.

An infinite eternal God[1] can be understood as the first cause not needing a cause.[2] A finite deity, although admittedly logically possible, requires further explanation.[3] If the being is not revealed through Scriptural revelation,[4] it is a God of primarily philosophical speculation and requires further elaboration on the part of one in regard to, for instance, why humanity should believe in and follow this type of deity, assuming that there is not a greater, infinite, eternal first cause that would necessarily[5] exist behind that being.

My conclusion is that a finite God is very unlikely to exist.

[1] The essence of God himself is eternal, he is before time, above time and after time. Barth (1932-1968: 67). God is ‘infinite spirit’ and eternal. Shedd (1874-1890)(1980: 152). God is eternal and without beginning or end. Bavinck (1918)(2006: 148 Volume 2). God is eternal and infinite, he is eternal now, ‘the permanent now’ and eternity results from his infinity. Weber (1955)(1981: 455). God has eternal existence as a ‘just and wise person.’ Frame (2002: 388).
[2] God’s essence is eternal and necessary (logically must exist) , and the finite universe is temporal and contingent (not necessary). Shedd (1874-1890)(1980: 191). God as a necessary being is therefore the cause of contingent creation. Frame reasons God is the creator and the Lord of the beginning of history. This occurs within his eternal plans. Frame (2002: 389). Within this view God is the implied first cause that exists necessarily prior to everything else. Pojman (1996: 596).
[3] Hypothetically, humanity and the universe could have been created by a finite God that was created by another cause.
[4] In contrast to God in the Hebrew Bible, God in the New Testament and Allah in the Qur'an.
[5] Shedd (1874-1890)(1980: 191). Pojman (1996: 596).

Two members of our local USL soccer club have a little fight on the field.

Please go to 8 minute mark.

'Vancouver Whitecaps FC announce that the club have fined and suspended defender Wesley Charles and striker Charles Gbeke, as a result of their unsportsmanlike behaviour during the Whitecaps home match versus Miami FC Blues last Friday evening.

On Monday, both Charles and Gbeke received monetary fines for an undisclosed amount from the club before each player was handed a one-match suspension from the United Soccer Leagues, as well as an additional one-match suspension from the club on Tuesday.'

I see a Whitecaps game every year or so generally. Sometimes fights break out in non-combat sports but it is usually between players on opposing teams. However, when two players on the same team fight it is humourous but also not a good public demonstration of teamwork.

Zidane, incredible last major goal (I am seeing him play in Vancouver, July 4)


Trooper confronts paramedic.

Perhaps the trooper was overaggresive and should have let the initial incident pass, but if I am riding in the back of the ambulance, I do not get out and confront a state trooper.

The paramedic is a big intimidating guy.


Super hungry (Thanks Mom)

I saw this on Granville Island in a shop.

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